Course Description

Hydraulic Structures (MAG 1343) lecture is divided into two parts: PART I (lecture from week 1 to 7) and PART II (lecture from week 9 to 15). This website published materials only for PART II. Kindly contact Associate Professor Dr. Sobri Harun (FKA, UTMJB) for any enquiry related to PART I of MAG 1343.

The lecture for PART II covers hydraulic structures of river diversion works, weirs, barrages, pumping stations, bridge piers, and various types of aqueducts. The basic hydraulic knowledge required for this course includes fundamental formulas in fluid mechanics and hydraulics. The understanding on subject matters will be further enhanced through refined information and procedures that are detailed out in relevant standard code of practice and design manual.

For more details, please refer to the course outline of MAG 1343. The class for PART II will be held on (1) 21 April 2013 and (2) 18 & 19 May 2013. Please see also the time table of Final Examination for Semester 2 Session 2012/2013 (Offshore KL).

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